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Mackenzie Bedford is obsessed with colour, light and movement.

The universe, by nature, is mysterious and queer.


Constantly yearning to see stories that have the imagination and diversity it demands; they are revealing the queerness of the cosmos through interdisciplinary approaches. Their tools for exploration involve animation; illustration; installation; and public art.

Visual influences stem from growing up as a closeted queer kid in a small town, using an early 2000s internet connection to connect, explore and escape.

Unsurprisingly, they still find themselves chronically online.


Originally from Ktunaxa Territory, Golden, BC, they are now based in Mohkinstsis, Calgary, AB since 2011. From the Columbia and Kicking Horse confluence to the Bow and Elbow, they've always found themselves near meeting rivers.


During downtime they are toiling away at an independent animated short, BEACON. Off-duty, they are picking up the art of burlesque and costume-making. They're also an introverted sci-fi lover with a penchant for karaoke.

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